Black & Silver Glitter Bachelorette Invitations

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Well hell, here’s another girly thing. But hey, it’s so fun with the froofy bit I gave the L that I felt it worthy of a post. (and ya know, getting that Google love to any and all things Nifty is a good thing). So yeah, this is a fun evening bachelorette party invite with black background and silver glitter fun, then 2 hues of blue for the text.  Find this luscious wonderment of an invitation here.

Blush Pink Gold Glitter Bridal Shower Invitations

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Sorry for the days-in-a-row girly stuff, but that’s what’s coming outta my head of late. Plus, I just got these glitter textures and am loving incorporating them, like in this little number.  It’s a very feminine bridal shower invitation but still has some hipster vibe to it so hasn’t gone to the dark side of treacly territory.  Or would that be the ultra light side? Anyway… Get this darlin’ glitter bridal invite right here at Nifty Printables.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

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Wow, I’m posting 3 days in a row. I must be drunk. And what an appropriately timed joke that is…while posting a baby shower invitation.  Anyway, this was one of the invites I made today and I thought it was a sweet little one worth posting. This is obviously the girl version but I have a blue one for the little boy babies, too.

Get yer Pink girl’s elephant baby shower invitations here

Feast your eyes on the Blue elephant boy’s baby shower invitation here

Blue Wave Bridal Shower Invitations

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Hot off the press, I just finished these blue bridal shower invitations about 5 minutes ago. They remind me of the ocean, all swirly and blue and aqua and all.  Maybe it’ll send subliminal cooling to all those sweaty summer bridal shower participants.  Wait…those ladies can’t be sweaty, they’re all feminine and glowing.  Um, right.  Anyway, hope you enjoy.  You can find it here at Nifty Printables.

Children’s Outer Space Birthday Invitations

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Are these cute or what? (I know, I’m so bad to say my things are cute but if you only knew how much stuff I’ve made and hated, you’d forgive me). Anyway, for your little tyke’s next birthday bash, grab a space rocket, some bright yellow stars and the moon and roll ‘em into one cute set of kid’s outer space birthday invitations.  Or better yet…let me do it for you!

You can find it two places.

1. Nifty Printables, for $15 I’ll customize it and send you the file to print to your heart’s content.

2. Or ready-made from Flo’s Paperie on Zazzle.

Zoom on, rocket boy, zoom on.

Cute Zebra Photo Graduation Announcements & Invitations

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I’ve made a few graduation invitations this week and figure it’s a good time to start posting them since the end of the school year will be soon upon us. This particular zebra graduation announcement is a fluffy, wild child confection of animal print goodness accented with pink and pretty scalloped edging. For the girly graduate, fo sho .

I’ve got it in 2 formats.

1. Zebra Graduation Announcements from Nifty Printables you print yourself and

2. Zebra Graduation Invitations from Flo’s Paperie @ Zazzle

What’s the diff? The Zazzle version has two sides with all the party details on the back while the announcement is a one-sided card as seen here.  It’s interesting to note how they differ beyond that, which is due to the fact that my Nifty Printables designs are the way I intend them to look, whereas I have to change things around for Zazzle’s limited font and customization palette.  Still cute, but not as bitchin’. icon smile

Soooo Busy! And My Cool Surprise Party Invitations

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Behold my funky retro surprise party invitations. I also made an alternative version for regular ole birthdays which I’ll likely post eventually.

I’ve been in design heaven of late. I somehow took a creative turn and started a new endeavor: invitation and stationery design.  I opened a shop on Zazzle just for it, Flo’s Paperie but my main efforts are focused here at Nifty Printables where I’m making more invitations then you can shake a stick at (why you’d want to do that is a whole other conversation but if you did want to shake a stick at random things on the internet, you’d be busy at Nifty Printables).

Shown here is a sample of what I’m doing, this funky surprise birthday invitation. I’ve got lots of modern styles as well as the ole vintage which you know I love.  Stay tuned…much more to come!

Grunge Stars & Stripes American Flag Alphabet Letters Set

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Put your patriotic hat on, this red, white and blue American Flag alphabet letters set is cute as can be with chevron instead of boring ole stripes and a lovingly grunged-up treatment for that well-worn look.  This patriotic alphabet clip art will be a great element in 4th of July invitations, country styles and anything else that requires a good old dose of the USA.  Find these cute American Flag alphabet letters here.